Libby Jutras

To be artistic is a gift of perception. It is the ability to see and appreciate unity and contrast, harmony in line or colour, repetition of shapes and spaces, and to keenly observe balance in design, but one must remain open to the audacious, to art with attitude.

Exploring different techniques and firing options just begins to scratch the surface of earth and fire for Libby

Her first love is sculpture work but the artist in her loves to create painted surfaces with underglazes or actual glazes. Libby is more interested in creative pieces than utilitarian.

Occasionally, Libby pit fires pieces following the ancients and turns the results over to creation. There is a thrill when the ashes are pushed aside and the pots are exposed. Raku and smoke firing also attract her.

Libby is very lucky to be exposed to the creativity of potters in Arizona where she teaches each winter and arranges workshops for a membership of over 200.

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To See More of Libby's Work Visit:
Seaside Studio
Salt Spring Island B.C.

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Phone: 250-537-1952

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