Judy Weeden

Weeden’s delight is in the passionate and joyous pursuit of the creative process. In 1972 she began an earnest pottery career in the Arts and Crafts Program at the University of California Santa Cruz. It was there that she became acquainted with Marguerite Wildenhain’s work and the Bauhaus followers who later became Weeden’s teachers and mentors (Al Johnsen and Dean Schwarz).

After that initial exposure Weeden became a full-time potter in Alaska (abandoning a prior career in research and teaching at the University of Alaska). Skills were honed through dedicated work and many workshops. In 1990 she moved to Salt Spring Island where her pottery career blossomed and her work became recognized both nationally and internationally with major show awards.

Weeden has given numerous workshops including : Northern BC Clayfest, Prince George; Canadian Clay Symposium, Burnaby. She has also given workshops for the last 12 years in her studio for students committed to the clay medium.

Weeden’s signature work is slip-carved stoneware fired in reduction, often based on a vessel format, although occasional sculptural pieces issue from her heart and hands. The latter are often fired in alternate ways such as saggar or smoke firing.


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To See More of Judy's Work Visit:
Judy's Studio Gallery on Salt Spring Island at 125 Primrose Lane. Judy Weeden's website

  • Steffich Fine Art Gallery, 3105-115 Fulford-Ganges Rd.,
  • Grace Pt. Square, Ganges, SSI steffichfineart.com
  • The Pod, Ganges, SSI
  • Artcraft, Mahon Hall, Ganges, SSI
  • Hughes Gallery, Duncan, BC
  • Eclectic Gallery, 2170 Oak Bay Ave., Victoria, BC eclecticgallery.ca
  • Gallery of BC Ceramics, 1359 Cartwright St., Granville Island, Vancouver, BC galleryofbcceramics.com
  • Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Interiors, 258 Dundas St., London, ONT jonathons.ca

Judy teaches an annual 1-week hand-building workshop at her studio for students seriously committed to the clay medium.
For further details see her website  

Judy also teaches short workshops on invitation at other locations.

Contact Judy by:
Phone: 250-537-5403 or 250-221-0075 (cell)
Email Judy

Facebook:  Judy Weeden Ceramist
125 Primrose Lane, Salt Spring Island, BC, V8K 1C1